The River

“This is a book of borrowed excerpts of poetry describing the 2320.2 mile current of The Great Mississippi River. The 440 page book navigates from one voice to another, through history, past the muddy riverbanks, through valleys, okra fields and plantations. This portrait has been constructed with hundreds of poems mentioning the river, capturing words about the water and arranging them state by state, from the source of the river to the delta. The pagination and placement of the text are identical to the originals.” – Lotte Geeven, Spring 2014, New Orleans

Order your copy online on Blurb’s website, here. It will be shipped directly to you.

The audiobook can be found here on Soundcloud. Thank you to Christophe Jackson for his voice!

With the generous support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Netherlands Americas Foundation, the Rosa Mary Foundation, Michael Wilkinson and the May Season Members.

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