Tameka Norris Round Table

Artist round table moderated by Kalamu ya Salaam
Monday, November 10th, 7pm
Location: Orange Couch Cafe
(2339 Royal Street, in the Marigny, across the street from May Books).

As part of Prospect.3: Notes for Now, May gallery & residency debuts a feature-length film and a video installation by New Orleans-based artist Tameka Norris. Meka Jean: How She Got Good follows a semi-autobiographical protagonist as she struggles to define herself in relation to her surroundings. How She Got Good is a collage of fragments—in the forms of music videos, soap operas, and high-art films—that highlights moments when Meka Jean’s identity breaks down and reveals itself in new ways, confusing distinctions between the real & the scripted and between the self & others.

Norris deconstructs Meka Jean even further through a multi-channel installation composed of production footage, underscoring the inherent performativity of art and identity and tracing the evolution of the character herself.

How She Got Good is equally a film about New Orleans, a city undergoing rapid socio-economic shifts alongside Meka Jean’s constantly changing conceptions of herself. The Meka Jean Project extended into real communities in the Ninth Ward through its primarily local cast and crew.

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