Opening Reception

TRAIL MAGIQUE is a phenomenon which expresses itself on long-distance pilgrimages during moments of synchronicity or good fortune. In the gross realm: Trail Angels, altruistic trail guardians, offer Trail Magic to pilgrims in the form of consumables (food, medicine, alcohol) or services (rides, beds, showers) throughout their journey.

Greber’s immersive exhibition at May gallery reflects an interest in—or desire to bypass—lengthy spiritual or literal pilgrimages as a catalyst for inner growth or easy satisfaction. Dave’s exhibition at May will conflate the common human desires—which are at odds with one another—of inner growth and immediate gratification. His recent completion, and occasional yellow blazing of the Appalachian Trail has lead him to study and employ traditional labyrinth forms in juxtaposition with pop-culture’s dimensionless, ephemeral, but immediate trappings of satisfaction.

My work identifies spiritual meaning within our contemporary society by applying mystic readings to popular capitalist communications and their folk reverberations. Currently, I am fascinated with pilgrimages as a universal human impulse and how they are manifested in our culture. From March, through October of 2015, my wife and I hiked the Appalachian Trail, walking 2,200* miles from Georgia to Maine, setting the stage for what will be my installation at May gallery & residency. My vision is that the exhibition will create a cohesive new strategy for spiritually metabolizing our contemporary society. – Dave Greber

*give or take