Lotte Geeven

“This exhibition portrays two dualistic complex powers that are omnipresent in this city. Man and object oppose the flow of water. The installation houses two distinct works that speak together about the geographical and social context of New Orleans. The works are as succinct as they can be, but have emerged from things I discovered and experienced during my residency. Much like a kōan, the installation is not set within a logical framework; it is designed to introduce an alternative, deeper understanding of the place we are in. The installation is there to provoke space for new thoughts creating a doorway to the complexity of this city that surround us. ” —Lotte Geeven

VIGOR is a solo exhibition comprised of a video projection, a moving image and an immersive installation with a proprietary publication. Lotte’s exhibition at May is the culmination of her artist residency in New Orleans, which began in February, 2014. Through the bi-weekly journal A Walk With…, produced by May, her cultural, sonic and geographic explorations have been documented and made available to the public as a printed newspaper, and downloadable document. Her exhibition at May serves as a stage for understanding the city and the ways in which upriver regions have metaphorically and literally fed the terra firma that New Orleans sits upon.

Lotte Geeven (b. 1980) is a multi-media artist from Amsterdam creating tailor-made portraits of sovereign places. These simple portraits with a graphical character aim to envelope the magic of autonomy and explore complex matter & power beyond our control related to a specific place. For example, The Sound of the Earth – a sound recording from the deepest open hole in the planet- is a portrait of the abstract deep earth. Or the work Sovereign – an upside down Jaguar spinning on it’s back in slow motion in an empty parking lot – is an exploration of the ambiguous character of this sovereign location.

Keene Kopper, Art Director
Lotte Geeven, Artist
assisted by Mary Crockett
Alex Payne, Director of photography, editor and camera operator
Milo Daemgen, Producer and sound design
Bruno Doria, Camera operator
Zac Manuel, Camera operator
Bob Weisz, Animation
Matt Gudry, DIT
The Greenhouse Collective Parasol Productions
Sean Carlo, Actor
Christophe Jackson, Voice
Émilie Lamy, Publication director
Alaric Garnier, Graphic designer
Keene Kopper, A Walk With #1
Philippe André Landry, A Walk With #2
Bruce Fleury, A Walk With #3
Steven Bingler, A Walk With #4
Brita Everett, A Walk With #4
Alex Kolker, A Walk With #5
Mark Grote, round table panelist
Linda Yablonsky, round table moderator
WWNO, Thomas Welsh
Gumbolive, Nate Sutter
Thank you to: Arcade Fire, Glady’s Bar, Dave Greber, Heather Hansen, Rachel June, Jeanne Leroy, Curt McClain, Frank McLallen, Avram Penner, Tom Spittler, Brent Joseph, Melissa Tamporello, Matthew Thompson, Matthew Holdren, Prescott Trudeau, Johnny King, Emmanuel
Produced with support of: The Mondriaan Foundation, The Netherlands America Foundation, the Rosa Mary Foundation, RISO, the Joan Mitchell Foundation, Michael Wilkinson and May Season Members The May gallery & residency Board Of Directors: Keene Kopper, Art director Emily Morrison, President Sam Oliver, Secretary Margaret Hull, Treasurer Émilie Lamy, Publication director Alaric Garnier, Graphic designer James Folsom, Member at large Mary Dixie, Member at large Roel Miranda, Member at large Tameka Norris, Member at large
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