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This past year at May brought some very exciting headway. It is because of your dedicated support that May was able to make such amazing progress. May presented the work of artist Tameka Norris as an official venue for Prospect 3. For May, becoming an official venue for Prospect 3 was a goal among many which served as motivation to achieve many smaller, but very important foundation-building goals.

Since 2012, May has produced nine solo exhibitions. All of which have established May as a unique space for experiencing contemporary art as distinctly intended by its artists. May has been setting a standard for the production and exhibition of contemporary art within a non-institutional, multi-sensory spacial envelope. May does not set forth standards of presentation or architectural rules which are replicated from exhibition to exhibition. We deliberately make this choice because we believe that the branding, aesthetics and intent of the institution are a distraction from the artist’s intent—we want the art to speak for it self. Concurrently, our publications bring transparency to the artist’s intent and process. However, we don’t impose interpretations on our audience. An artist could deliberately choose to use an institutional aesthetic in their installation, but that choice is a pre-rationalized one—it is a choice that precedes the physical production of their desired art experience. In architecture, the practice rests upon two principal constraints: the creative intent of the architect and the programmatic, functional needs of the client within their chosen site. Reflected within the framework of the institution of contemporary art, the role of the institution should be to provide the artist with the tools necessary to fulfil both the creative intent, and the functional needs within the given space. The curator should simply assist the artist in deliberate art place-making, versus only providing a place to hang artwork, or a pedestal to place sculpture—though, the latter could be a deliberate need of the artist’s intent!

The white-box model of art presentation was one which represented creative freedom from the institutionalized art museum codes of conduct; it was thus a continuous clean slate for new art, media and ideas. But for too many, the white-box now also embodies sentiments of exclusivity, and it now unavoidably has self constructed artist codes of conduct. As art presenters we can no longer afford to use exclusivity as a tool to elevate the value of contemporary artwork; that approach is dysfunctional. The intent and products of our contemporary artists must be made more accessible and conceptually unencumbered if we truly hope to convey our artist’s ideals. We need to elevate contemporary art to a position in society where it is a legitimate player in the evolution of our global culture, where the current, long standing owner of that title is pop-culture.

I look forward to your committed support and please visit us soon!

Best Regards,

Keene Kopper

2016 Partners, Season & Presenting Members

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Copa Airlines
RISO, Inc.
The New Orleans South Market District

Susan Brennan, 2016 Presenting Member
Francesca Schwartz, 2016 Presenting Member
Sean Johnson, 2016 Presenting Member
Martin Weinstein and Teresa Liszka, 2016 Season Members
David Workman, 2016 Season Member
Wayne Amedee, 2016 Season Member
Shaun Duncan, 2016 Sustaining Member
The May Board of Directors

2015 Partners, Season & Presenting Members

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
The Joan Mitchell Center, New Orleans

RISO, Inc.

Susan Brennan, 2015 Presenting Member
Francesca Schwartz, 2015 Presenting Member
Sean Johnson, 2015 Presenting Member
Martin Weinstein and Teresa Liszka, 2015 Season Members
David Workman, 2015 Season Member
Wayne Amedee, 2015 Season Member
Shaun Duncan, 2015 Sustaining Member
Lisa Plimpton, 2015 Sustaining Member
Ty Provosty, 2015 Sustaining Member
Catherine Garnier, 2015 Sustaining Member
Lex Kelso, 2015 Sustaining Member
Trey Burns, 2015 Sustaining Member
Locomote Media, 2015 Sustaining Member
Jenna Knoblach, 2015 Sustaining Member
The May Board of Directors

2014 Partners, Season & Presenting Members

Ecole de Communication Visuelle, Provence, France
The Joan Mitchell Center, New Orleans
Loyola University College of Fine Arts
The Mondriaan Foundation
Prospect New Orleans
RISO, Inc.
The Rosa Mary Foundation
The Netherlands America’s Foundation

Susan Brennan, 2014 Presenting Member
Michael Wilkinson, 2014 Presenting Member
Wayne Amedee, 2014 Season Member
Chris Alfieri, 2014 Season Member
Charles Whited, 2014 Season Member
Mark Oliver, 2014 Season Member
The May Board of Directors

May gallery & residency is currently closed. Please follow us via Facebook, Instagram, or by signing up for May’s email news letter by clicking the “sign-up” link at the top of this page!

Phone: +1.504.316.3474

May is excited and proud to be the first contemporary, international production artist residency program and exhibition space in the Greater New Orleans area. May is currently preparing its new location at 750 Carondelet Street at the intersection of Julia Street. The new location will open publicly with the opening reception of Dave Greber’s exhibition at May on March 24th, 2016!

Architectural plans coming soon!