Audible, Visible Volumes

Audible, Visible Volumes was performed at May gallery in August of 2012.
A full length DVD of the two performances Make Your Bed (17:55), by Brita Everett and Seth Laucks; and Rail (11:48) by Philippe Landry, was released as a signed limited edition and a non-signed edition. The DVD sleeves were custom designed, printed and assembled by Alaric Garnier, Constance and May.

Signed Limited Edition ($300 + s&h) Pay with PayPal
Regular Edition DVD ($35 + s&h) Pay with PayPal

A Walk With…

A Walk With… is a biweekly newspaper documenting Lotte Geeven’s residency at May, from February 3rd to April 11th, 2014. Each issue focusses on a specific aspect of Geeven’s investigations and research throughout the city, thanks to walks and talks with various community members and specialists.

Issue #1: PDF
Issue #2: PDF
Issue #3: PDF
Issue #4: PDF
Issue #5: PDF

Produced with the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund, Rosa Mary Foundation, The Netherlands Americas Foundation, The Joan Mitchell Foundation, and the Season and Presenting Members of May.

May resident artist: Lotte Geeven assisted by Mary Crockett
Artistic Director: Keene Kopper
Publication Director: Émilie Lamy
Graphic Designer: Alaric Garnier
Photographs: Émilie Lamy

The River

“This is a book of borrowed excerpts of poetry describing the 2320.2 mile current of The Great Mississippi River. The 440 page book navigates from one voice to another, through history, past the muddy riverbanks, through valleys, okra fields and plantations. This portrait has been constructed with hundreds of poems mentioning the river, capturing words about the water and arranging them state by state, from the source of the river to the delta. The pagination and placement of the text are identical to the originals.” – Lotte Geeven, Spring 2014, New Orleans

Order your copy online on Blurb’s website, here. It will be shipped directly to you.

The audiobook can be found here on Soundcloud. Thank you to Christophe Jackson for his voice!

With the generous support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Netherlands Americas Foundation, the Rosa Mary Foundation, Michael Wilkinson and the May Season Members.


a sound art exhibition presented by Howard-Tilton Memorial Library /
Tulane University & May books October 25th 2014 — January 25th 2015

Music is an essential element of New Orleans. The swing of jazz defines its origins and the pulse of bounce frames its present. But the sound of the Crescent City turns a rich cultural space into a dynamic listening chamber. Its neighborhoods, avenues and canals organize New Orleans into a field of junctures that generate the hum of river traffic at the French Quarter or the roar of life at Claiborne-and-Esplanade. From the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain spontaneous sound sculptures are found at every corner.

BAMBOULA NOLA is a transdisciplinary sound art exhibit. Founded on New Orleans composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s Bamboula, Op. 2, the exhibit brings together twelve artists working in sound, from technology and composition to visual and conceptual, and spreads them out all over Tulane University’s Uptown campus, as well as creating a listening satellite site located at May Books. The two spaces erect a bridge across the city making visitors aware of the possibilities of sound and location. In the same way Bamboula reflects a compositional process overlapping social space and sound appropriation, BAMBOULA NOLA presents artists working in or having produced work in the context of New Orleans, employing sonification, field recordings or various other methods of pushing the boundaries of sound as an expressive form.

BAMBOULA NOLA will be hosting various roundtables and other events. Keep your ears and eyes open!

Artists Jane Cassidy, Matthew Thompson, Justin Peake, Spencer Topel, Peter Leonard, William Thompson IV, Christopher Trapani, Generic Art Solutions, Rick Snow, Lotte Geeven, Thomas Grill, Philippe Landry

Main exhibition space 1st Floor Lobby,
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library at Tulane University 7001 Freret St.
Friday through Sunday: 12-6pm

Satellite space May Books 2402 Royal St.
Tuesday through Friday: 10am-6pm Saturday: 12pm-6pm Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Very special thanks to The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation

Phone 337 280 3561

For information on events, artists, and happenings please visit our website:

May books

In a reinforcing effort to manifest May’s mission, May also developed and incubated the first specialty art, design and creative source publications shop, May books in the fall of 2014. May books has since left the auspices of May gallery & residency and is now called The Stacks, which operates in New Orleans’ Contemporary Art Center.

We’re very proud to have taken a key role in the continuation of New Orleans’ contemporary art community development, and hopefully, our mission—to bring transparency and accessibility to contemporary art, its culture, and the means of its production— has served it’s purpose and will continue to inspire others.

Take a look at the work that May’s resident-artists produced over the course of its four-year life on Facebook  or Instagram.

New Orleans, Louisiana


As an program integral to the mission of May gallery & residency, May books publishes books, zines and other printed matters which bring transparency to the concepts and fabrication processes of artwork produced and shown at May gallery. Formerly also a bookshop project incubated by May, which is now called The Stacks, May books will continue to provide educational materials to help make art more accessible to a broader audience.

As a part of May’s residency program, we preserve the resident-artist’s creative intent by documenting the dialogue between the resident-artist, community members, curator and preparator, as well as the creation of the exhibitions at May.

May books prints its publications primarily in-house on our high speed risograph duplicator, donated by RISO, inc. This helps to keep printing costs minimal and our publications affordable. We also print through either local offset printers and, depending on the needs of the project.