Keene Kopper

Keene Kopper (b. 1979) trained and worked as a design architect in Massachusetts (‘03-’05) and then in New York City for Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects (‘05-’09). While working as a design architect for six years he maintained his artistic practice, producing artwork, and curating arts-specific events. He moved to New Orleans in 2008. As a curator, Keene specializes in working with artists to create all new, original context specific art installations, publications and educational programming. The resulting exhibitions are often executed as immersive architectural, social, political or sensory interventions.

Through his experiences with various artist residency programs, and through the influence of other international arts galleries, museums, and institutions of critical thought and education, he was inspired to create a new artist residency program in New Orleans. The program focuses primarily on the production of large scale context specific installation art, publicly accessible exhibitions and education programming, publishing and bringing access to creative source publications. He and May gallery’s Board of Directors were the initiators and incubators of May books, which was a specialty art and magazine bookshop, founded by Émilie Lamy, located in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans, now called The Stacks. Keene founded May gallery & residency, the first contemporary art production residency in Greater New Orleans, in 2012

Chris Alfieri

Christopher Alfieri came to New Orleans from New York in 1994 and enrolled in the Loyola University Law School where he obtained his J.D. degree in 1999. Chris is a Partner in the New Orleans law firm of Christovich & Kearney, LLP. He practices in the areas of general and commercial defense litigation and in the area of art law, counseling artists, collectors, dealers, arts organizations, institutions, museums and non-profit corporations in Louisiana and elsewhere on a variety of legal matters involving governance, art commerce, artist rights, resale rights and restitution and repatriation.

Chris is a dual U.S. / Italian citizen and currently serves as Legale di Fiducia (general legal counsel) to the Italian General Consulate in Houston, Texas. His work with the Italian Consulate engages him in a wide array of matters involving Italian nationals and corporations operating in the United States.

Chris is a founding Executive Board Member, Officer and General Counsel of U.S. Biennial, Inc., the non-profit entity which produces the Prospect New Orleans Triennial series.

Chris is the current President of the New Orleans Chapter of the Federal Bar Association 2014/15, the largest FBA chapter in the U.S., established in 1937.

Mary Dixie Anderson

Mary Dixie Anderson is a New Orleans native with a long history of involvement in the local arts community. Anderson attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts while working for the Contemporary Arts Center as an Art Educator and Preparator. She then went on to study painting and science at Maryland Institute College of Art and Johns Hopkins University. During her time in school, Anderson developed passion for culinary arts and beverage industry. After working for more than 10 years as a chef, sommelier and mixologist, she now works as a beverage program consultant in and around New Orleans.

Imani Jacqueline Brown

As a native New Orleanian who spent several years trolling amongst the peaks and valleys of the New York art worlds, from Zucotti Park to David Zwirner, I have the privilege of having known the pre- and post-Katrina faces of New Orleans and of having engaged the New York worldview that laps at our shores. Straddling these two scenes allows me to muster both a militant locality and an international openness. Like many New Orleanians, I fear the influx of a capitalist culture that has already commodified and sanitized culture in New York. I am horrified by Mardi Gras Indians marching through the French Quarter and by the process of unresolved displacement that has brought contemporary visual arts to New Orleans. Yet I also recognize the necessity, joy, and strength of sampling international ideas, knowledge, and inspiration. Only by speaking with the world will we discover tactics to allow our survival in a globalized reality. Only by looking at the world will we recognize the beauty of diversity. Act local; think global. Challenge. Question. Explore. Etc.

Steffani Clemmons

Steffani Clemons was born and raised in Mississippi and Alabama. She studied English Literature and Anthropology at the University of Alabama. Steffani began working in the arts with the Kentuck Arts Center in 2005. Currently, she works in New Orleans for the National Performance Network (NPN)/ Visual Artists Network (VAN) within the Local Network Program. The main thrust of Steffani’s work with the arts has concerned the primitive and folk traditions of the Deep South; however, she has always been keenly interested to explore where folk traditions intersect with contemporary art—how the two inform/transform the landscapes of our world and speak to/from our communities.

James Folsom

James E. Folsom III is originally from Cullman, Alabama. After graduating with a B.A. in photography from Bard College he returned to his home state to work as part of a team in a statewide election. James moved back to New York City where he was immersed in the art scene as a photographer and art handler for two years before moving to New Orleans where he is currently enrolled at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law as a 2015 juris doctor candidate with a focus in Technology, and Entrepreneurship. James aims to continue his work within art, technology, and politics.

Alaric Garnier

Alaric Garnier (b. 1988) is a French graphic designer, type designer and sign writer. He graduated from the school of fine arts of Lyon in 2013, with a MA in graphic design. He worked as a sign painter with Sean Barton in Seattle, as a graphic designer at John Morgan Studio in London and the design firm, Maquette & Mise en Page in Paris. He opened his own studio in Paris in 2014, and practices mainly in the cultural field, often collaborating with artists on assignments or self initiated projects. With a strong interest in the history of letterforms, printing processes, and vernacular arts, his practice revolves between the fields of design and craftsmanship, while working on visual identities, typefaces, books, websites, signage systems, posters or handpainted signs and lettering. Since April 2012, he has been in charge of May’s visual identity, exhibition posters design, publications, signage, website and the typeface you are looking at right now.

Sean Johnson

Based out of New York City, Sean is a practicing interior designer, art collector, and art buyer for private collections. He brings a wealth of non-profit sector experience to May including his most recent experience as Board Chair for Art In General in New York, where he participated as a board member for seven years. Sean found May in October of 2014 while attending a Prospect 3 VIP tour, which included a stop at May; Sean has been following Prospect since Prospect 1. Since last October he has dedicated significant time and attention to helping May develop a stronger, lasting organizational and development foundation for many years to come. He has done extensive foot work to assist May in developing support from potential funders, foundations and buyers based in New York City.

Francesca Schwartz

Francesca Schwartz is a practicing Psychoanalyst in New York City. She studied at the School of American Ballet when it was under the direction of George Balanchine. When she left that world she went on to Tufts University to study literature, psychoanalysis and painting. Later she returned to the world of performing artists when she worked at the Institute for Performing Arts, treating dancers and visual artists.She continues to treat emerging and performing artists in her practice. Francesca also treats adolescents, likening the developmental process to the making of art. She is especially interested in the creative process in working through mourning and trauma. Her interest in emergent artists and the making of art is in concert with her interest in the developmental process.

Stephen Tremaine

Stephen Tremaine is a native of Louisiana and an alum of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Stephen is founder and director of the Bard Early College in New Orleans, a tuition-free satellite campus of Bard College embedded within the New Orleans public school system. BECNO offers young people across New Orleans a home for intellectual ambition, critical inquiry, and the pleasure of asking big questions. Stephen also serves as Bard College’s Vice President for Early College Programs, working across a national network of intensive programs in the liberal arts for young people in public high schools. In this spirit, Stephen is interested in what happens when the institutions that aim to push boundaries of new thinking (colleges, art spaces, theater groups) work alongside the public schools charged with preparing young people to be citizens.

Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams is a 26-year-old Certified Public Accountant at a local accounting firm in New Orleans. Working for the non-profit organization H.A.A.R.T inspired Patricia to use her education to assist organizations devoted to benefiting the public. Valuable experience working as an accountant for New Orleans City Park provided Patricia with an appreciation for organizations with missions to serve and beautify the city. New Orleans’ need for young financially literate professionals with the desire to serve encouraged Patricia to advance to her current position at Pedelahore & Co., LLP. Patricia’s desire to continue using her education and experience to serve others is the driving force behind her career.

Émilie Lamy