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May gallery & residency was conceived to bring transparency and accessibility to contemporary art and the process of its production—documenting and presenting our international resident–artist’s intent, their concept, and the resulting art experience.

Located in New Orleans, May produces original, context specific artworks and installations for public exhibition by international contemporary artists, and concurrently provides educational public programming to New Orleans and Southeastern United States. May’s educational programing teaches critical thought through public discussions, publishing, exhibitions and by actively integrating international resident-artists into the surrounding communities. All educational programming and entrance to exhibitions are free and open to the public. Throughout the year, May hosts a number of publicly accessible events to attract new audiences to the world of contemporary art.

May provides art practitioners with the resources to achieve a higher level of professional and creative development, encourage a greater acknowledgment, understanding and value of contemporary art, and create awareness of the cultural, built and natural environments of New Orleans and the Southeast. May’s goal is to seek links between the arts, other areas of cultural production, and the sciences, as well as to include art as a contributing voice in the global intellectual, social and political discourse.

May gallery & residency (May Gallery, Inc.) is an IRS 501c3 organization.