A Walk With…

A Walk With… is a biweekly newspaper documenting Lotte Geeven’s residency at May, from February 3rd to April 11th, 2014. Each issue focusses on a specific aspect of Geeven’s investigations and research throughout the city, thanks to walks and talks with various community members and specialists.

Issue #1: PDF
Issue #2: PDF
Issue #3: PDF
Issue #4: PDF
Issue #5: PDF

Produced with the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund, Rosa Mary Foundation, The Netherlands Americas Foundation, The Joan Mitchell Foundation, and the Season and Presenting Members of May.

May resident artist: Lotte Geeven assisted by Mary Crockett
Artistic Director: Keene Kopper
Publication Director: Émilie Lamy
Graphic Designer: Alaric Garnier
Photographs: Émilie Lamy

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