Émilie Lamy

Sean Johnson

Based out of New York City, Sean is a practicing interior designer, art collector, and art buyer for private collections. He brings a wealth of non-profit sector experience to May including his most recent experience as Board Chair for Art In General in New York, where he participated as a board member for seven years. Sean found May in October of 2014 while attending a Prospect 3 VIP tour, which included a stop at May; Sean has been following Prospect since Prospect 1. Since last October he has dedicated significant time and attention to helping May develop a stronger, lasting organizational and development foundation for many years to come. He has done extensive foot work to assist May in developing support from potential funders, foundations and buyers based in New York City.

Francesca Schwartz

Francesca Schwartz is a practicing Psychoanalyst in New York City. She studied at the School of American Ballet when it was under the direction of George Balanchine. When she left that world she went on to Tufts University to study literature, psychoanalysis and painting. Later she returned to the world of performing artists when she worked at the Institute for Performing Arts, treating dancers and visual artists.She continues to treat emerging and performing artists in her practice. Francesca also treats adolescents, likening the developmental process to the making of art. She is especially interested in the creative process in working through mourning and trauma. Her interest in emergent artists and the making of art is in concert with her interest in the developmental process.