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Since 2012, May has produced and exhibited exceptional international contemporary art and concurrently provided educational public programming to New Orleans and Southeastern United States. May’s educational programing teaches critical thought through public discussions, publishing, exhibitions and by actively engaging international resident-artists with the surrounding communities.

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p: (+1) 504 316 3474

As a program integral to the mission of May gallery & residency, May books publishes books, zines and other printed matters which bring transparency to the concepts and fabrication processes of artwork produced and shown at May gallery. Formerly also a bookshop project incubated by May, which is now called The Stacks, May books will continue to provide educational materials to help make art more accessible to a broader audience.

As a part of May’s residency program, we preserve the resident-artist’s creative intent by documenting the dialogue between the resident-artist, community members, curator and preparator, as well as the creation of the exhibitions at May. More information on May books here.